Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting back in a habit

So, ages later when you finally come to your blog link again, it's difficult to write in a sync. I have a writers' block these days. I'm trying to overcome it. The easiest way I find is to start writing as a routine, even if two lines a day. Once I get into the habit again, I guess my thoughts also would start flowing past the bottleneck.

At this moment all I want to do stay stay off alc. somehow. It's not like I drink regularly or daily, any longer. I had started to do so for almost 10 days till a fortnight ago. But thanks to my support systems, my friends pulled me out of it. I took a sacred vow, ended up breaking it once, but at least it's helping me stay in control.

I am a survivor,, I will get past this. I know this :) And when I say I am a survivor, it doesn't mean 'I' as 'I'. It means, all extensions of 'I' including family, friends, upbringing, support. EVERYTHING.


I thank Thee for the blessings you gave me.

Not often do I count them,

But I know without them I wouldn't sustain.

Bless all Your children,

with what You deem fit,

and lead them to sustenance with gratitude.

Make us humble Lord,


© Anu (Exploring Myself)

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