Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dated: 01.12.10

So, I had slept at around 10:30 last morning, in fact even earlier. To be honest, I hadn't slept, but had just dozed off. By the time I had woken up it already was 3:30 and I worked and blogged the schedule post out here. I worked till around 9:00 in the morning, before I took my breakfast break. So basically though my schedule started half an hour early, it was actually all through an hour late. I had lunch at 2 instead of 3 and was working till 6:30/ 7:00 p.m. barring a small conference with a few friends :) before I managed to go out to the market to get some more jewelery raw material :)

And to add to it, I actually managed to earn a day off from my manager for studies today:) And he wasn't sarcastic :D Geez!!!! So running off to bed with some old stupid poetry/fiction for another 3 hours before dozing off to bed:)

God, it feels like all my fatigue is now going to wash over me.

I know Thee created nature with harmony.
Or, may be I do not know but have been told so.
Grant me,
the strength, the intelligence and the ability,
to strike harmony in my part of the world.
This I ask in Thy holy name.

© anu (Exploring Myself)

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